Does Anyone Have Answers To Penn Foster Exam 39002101-Assets And End Of The Month Activities?


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Penn Foster is an independent learning program which allows you to study and train for the career of your choice. You must enrol, either online or over the phone, in order to gain access to the Penn Foster independent learning program. After your enrolment is granted, you will receive a student ID number and then you will be able to being your studies. Any learning materials and additional equipment you may need will be shipped directly to your home, or wherever you choose to study. Your learning and progress are measured through examinations which are taken online at the end of each lesson. You must pass each examination in order to move on to the next level and, ultimately, achieve your diploma.

There are a number of blogs and forums online where people claim to be struggling with the exam and want the answer to help them. This is NOT allowed and you should NOT download the answers in order to help you pass the exam. After all, this would be an improper reflection of your abilities, and by lying and cheating in order to pass exams, you could get into trouble in your future career for not knowing your role or your jobs properly. However, there are also a number of blogs and forums with people claiming to want to mark their answers and check them in order to improve next time. As a general rule, this practise is allowed, and so you should be able to use downloaded copies of the answers in order to check the answers you put in your exam.

The exam with the number 39002101 is entitled Assets and End of the Month Activities. It is possible to download the answers to this examination on a number of websites. Trustworthy and well-used websites where the answers to this exam can be found are, and However, these websites, and the majority of others which provide downloadable copies of the exam answers, charge up to $10 for a copy of the answers.
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