Penn foster high school test answers 00764900 and 00765000 please help me I need the answers?


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  • General Overview
There are many sites that offer the exam papers for Penn Foster High School, but very few offering answers. Those that do, want money for the answers: These are businesses, not charities. As such, it is not possible to give you the answers to these questions, but here is a site that you may find useful:

  • The Penn Foster High School Learning System
This is a US based, for profit, distance learning school. It concentrates on preparing people for high school diplomas and claims to be the largest accredited school of independent study. Should you want to study at Penn Foster you will need to have Internet access.

The qualification is based on securing twenty one and a half credits through studying the various modules that the school offers. All learning materials are provided by the school as part of the fees paid and so once you have finished with them they are yours to keep.

  • Financial and academic credit
Financial and academic credit is offered at Penn Foster, too. To qualify you will need an official transcript from the transferring institution, which in turn must be recognized by Penn Foster. Credits will be transferred to comparable High School subjects where full credits have been earned.

Due to the varying nature of the high school credits, Penn Foster investigates and evaluates each of them to establish the actual number of credits that have been awarded. The number of credits that can be transferred is limited to sixteen.

  • Lessons
Lessons are organized into sixteen and a half compulsory subjects ranging from orientation, basic reading, basic math, American history, biology and civics, with the remaining choices coming from subjects such as Spanish, chemistry, music, psychology, child day care or electrical.

  • Library
Students have access to an online library for the duration of their studies, too. A librarian is also provided so that you can ask questions.

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