Is It Possible To Find A Sample Of A Civil Service Exam Online?


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Yes, it is possible to find the paper for civil service examination online and the website that you can try for the purpose can be found on the following address: When you are at this site, you just need to click on the resources option and in a minute you will find that you are directed to the link that can give you all the information about the questions that are being asked in the civil service examination in the last year.
Though you can find the things online, it is recommended that you buy it from a shop in a hard copy version rather than the soft copy one. The reason behind my giving you such an advice is that while looking for your questions in the book store, you will come across a few other books also and that might serve your purpose of preparation of the examination. So go ahead and find the destiny that you have decided for yourself.
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I don't think so

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