I am searching for the top rated online writing service where it is possible to order an essay for a low price. Suggest me something, please?


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Or... Or, you could write your own essay and benefit from the experience. Now there's an exquisite idea, my friend.

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This type of service was available even before there was an internet.

I suppose it's valuable if they provide you resources that you don't have time to investigate.

On the other hand, good teachers can pretty well tell which student wrote what based on the personal style of writing that they have developed---grammar, parallel construction, primary type of sentence used, etc.

So it's probably not very useful to simply turn in such an essay.

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Well, thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts. I also thought that it is kind of cheating or what, but when there is not plenty of time left and you have other assignments to do, believe me, online writing services is the best way out. So now, after checking one , I can surely state that "Marvelous Essay" is a reputable one. The teacher did not guess anything, it means the work was plagiarism free and now I know where I can go to get some help.

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thanks Claire for the supportive answer. I knew there are other people who use this kind of service but not all of them want to be revealed. I hope such site as Marvelous Essay will help as many students as possible and there is no shame that you are not good at writing

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