Has Anyone Got Information/old Exam Papers For The CAMRT Radiological Technology Certification Exam?


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Well the only students who undertook the exams can have some past paper which they can share with you, which you can use in order to look them as the reference. So if you do not find any student which can help you in providing you some details about the papers of the examination you can consult with some other institutes which can help you to guide through the CMART examination paper. There are many institutes which are providing education for the radiological technology to the student. You can go to their websites and search for the material what you are looking for so in this way you may find some link related to the past papers which you can look for the further reference.

So this is the easy way you can use in order to find the relevant information about the radiological technology papers. So these websites provides the information about the license holder so that you can continue your practice after completing your education. So you can post your queries in some website blogs may be you find a person who can give you some material on the exams.
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OK, I just read "2 Answers" blog.... Did this person ever take a course in English??? It sounds like some immigrant who came to work in Canada, but, as usual, cannot speak the language worth a damn.....

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