Looking For The Answers To Penn Foster "Proctor Exam - Bus101 Introduction To Business" Exam 500845, "Proctored Exam - Bus 110" Exam 060429, "Reading In World Civilization Proctor" Exam ER9PR, "Proctored Exam - Mat106" Exam 060414?


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There are no answers for these particular exams on the internet; sometimes, no one knows the answers, or they don't want to post the answers online, because it's cheating and someone might find out they posted them.

  • Penalties
Since there can be penalties, such as suspension or expulsion, for cheating in school, there can also be penalties for posting private information on the World Wide Web.  It's entirely possible that the school that runs these exams monitors online activity and gets answers removed when they appear in search engines. Today, it's harder than ever to keep kids (and adults) from cheating on their high school and college courses - the digital age makes it all too easy to hunt around for band-aid solutions to not studying the course material.

  • Revise
In order to do well on these exams, you may need to buckle down and figure out how to study properly. Good study habits come from practice - after all, almost everyone has the desire to procrastinate and put things off...especially dull things like cracking the books. However, some people learn how to overcome procrastination - they drive it out of themselves through motivation. You can do it, too!

Once you learn how to discipline yourself and follow good habits, you won't panic when exam times roll around. When you do the work you're supposed to do, you will feel more confident and more grown-up - you'll have more control over your life and more choices for your future.

It's important that you understand that cheat "answers" you find on the Web may not even be right. There are cruel people out there who love playing tricks on others - you may not even be getting the "cheats" from the people who post online. By learning to study and honestly doing your best, you can make life much more fun.

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