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I must write a persuasive writing.about these;the background is ten years ago you started working as clerk for the dmd medical supplies.six month ago ,liz,the human resourec director,promoted you to office manage two employees jackand ruth.your office provides secretarial support for the 4 members of the excutive team.2 years ago liz assigned jack to support ralph and jessica.ruth was assigned to samuel and frank.the work flow was equally balanced.youve noticed that in the last3 month ruth has cut her breaks short to complete her work,complains of being tired and at least twice a month requires overtime hrs.costing the company an additional $200 a month in the last 3week,frank has complained to you a few times about the poor quality of ruth's work onthe other hand over the last 3 month jack seems to have little to do he has begun coming in late a couple times .what work he does have however is always professional completed. Clearly you must investigate to determine what is causing this chance and how to improve the situation.since nothing has changed in the personal lives of jack or ruth,you conclude you must focus on the in-office work learn the the following facts;samuel and frank share part time administrative assistant who works only 15 hrs a week.ralph and jessica share a full time administrative assistant.jessica has beenon the medical leave for the last 4 month ,lizisnt sure whether jessica willbe able to retun to work.jessica's duties have been temporarily reassigned toralph and frank. Although you don't have the authority to change the work assignment of the 2 administrative assistants or the excutive you clearly needto changeyour office assignments so that both jack and ruth work regulary without requiring overtime.your task is make up a realististic plan which solves the uneven productivity between jack and ruth use the best solution for this background

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