Can you please help me? We're trying to come up with a club for middle school, and I want to help around our school, or help the homeless and poor animals. Any ideas on how I could do that?


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Great idea! Most importantly, focus first on who will join and support you throughout the club events and work so maybe think about having a few managers and supporters for your club...

Then, you should start more work on researching about poor animals, habitats and any other relevant topics that are vital to make you successful and let your club stand out. As well as, by having collected all these information, try and get practical missions within your club. Maybe make a website, surveys, and competitions. This is how you will bring up the motivation and excitements into spirits.

Soon, you will end with such a successful club!


You can also do donations from time to time and support animal charities!

GOOD LUCK!!! >_<

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