Hi, I'm a student and I need to finish a project for school. Please help me, complete the survey...thank you:)..the link is **moderated***?


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A school project? Right. When I see a website that links to survey paying site, which it is, then I immediately ignore it. This link is about online shopping and you'll get paid if someone does it. By the way, this content is considered spam and would probably get you banned.

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Daniel Cristea
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Hi Andrew Neal...that link with a survey about online shopping is made by myself on a 14 days trial period(for students) on surveygizmo.com(i'm a student and i have to make a survey about something..so i thought online shopping it's a good subject)...i know that this is a common method used for fraud or to earn easy money...but not in my case..and sorry for my bad english..i'm not a native speeker...i'm from Europe...thank you anyway..have a nice day:)
Yo Kass
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Sorry Daniel, didn't look like a school project to me. And even if it were, if we start allow people to post questions asking for link clicks etc... we'd be opening up a whole lot of trouble. Please don't post this again, I've already moderated 2 of your questions.
Andrew Neal
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Kass, I have seen it posted two more times but anonymous.

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