Are 75% Of Statistics Made Up?


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I took a poll on that exact question a while back and 35% of the people felt that statistics are bogus. That didn't seem accurate to me so I added another 30% of my own, and the final result published results showed  "That 65% of people feel statistics are not factual."
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Pretty much. Even if you waste the money to invest in a thorough survey, you still won't get an accurate account, regardless of sample size. There are just too many variables; your opinion, the sample size, the location, the people you ask, etc... And then you have to factor in how many people misquote the statistic that they read, whether accidentally or to embellish. I don't believe any statistics that are thrown at me.
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It depends on what the statistics are.
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Statistics Keith. They can stick them up thier... Sorry i forget the word
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I guess it is up to who they pay to make/take  the study to get the statistics.
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True Nomad.
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Oh! Or how they phrase the wording of the statistics provided. Like 75 percent of americans agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.except they don't tell you which americans they asked and the total number of people the statistics were deleted from.
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It depends entirely on your source. If you work in the insurance industry, you would follow sources that are much more accurate than that.
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I use statistics every day at work, I'm not sure if they are made up so much as are they accurate? As a true cynic, I'd say statistics are more "luck of the draw" vs. Actual fact.
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That Whole Thing Is Kind Of A Game These People Play To Try To Give The Impression That They Are In Charge.  Too East To Manipulate Them.. 100 Percent Of The Time.. 35 Percent Of The People Figured That 80 Percent Of Them Are 75 Percent Wrong? Does That Make Sense?
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I believe your 75% is not accurate.  It's is actually 33 %.  If you don't believe that statistic, you can ask me.  :)
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No  It is just that oftentimes they are used with bias. "There are lies, damn lies, and then statistics." Mark Twain

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