What Are The Relevance Of Statistics To Education?


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Statistics is the study about the analysis and presentation of data. It's the collection and representation of data samples largely used for research. One example is the national census where a large data is collected and the population figures are determined. This helps us in making informed decisions.

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Statistics in the field of education enables one to learn a number of ways to analyze information in each and every field. The practical implementation is learned when statistics are taught well in education. The use of statistics in various fields in of a great concern as for example Statistics plays an important role in business, because it provides the quantitative basis for arriving at decisions in all matters connected with operations of business. As like statistics helps in a business to plan production according to the tastes of the consumers.
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How would you define further the specific use of statistics in providing good and affordable as well as a quality education to all
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Statistics is a science related to Maths that deals with the,analysis , explanation ,interpretation , collection and presentation of data.Mainly stats are used to summarize data in different ways so it is very relevant and important to education.Stats is used in almost all sciences like maths ,chemistry,physics for example calculating averages etc
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Statistics is the mathematical science pertaining to collection, analysis, interpretation and presentation of data. It is applicable to a wide variety of academic disciplines, from natural and social sciences to humanities. Statistics are also used for making informed decisions in the fields of education. The statistical methods are used in education to summarize and describe a collection of data in many different ways.

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