What Are The Methods Of Statistical Survey?


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Survey methodology to collect survey refers to the way the original data, that is, respondents to the respondents to collect answers. The survey method by organized into the following five:
1. Statistical system
It is based on the provisions of national unity, according to a standardized form and the form of a unified index the contents of the time submitted a unified, top-down level by level to provide statistical information on the statistical reporting system.
2. Census
One-time survey is a comprehensive survey specialized organizations. Census surveys generally fall on a certain point in time the amount of socio-economic phenomena, but also can investigate the phenomenon of the total amount of certain periods, as well as the investigation is not the total number of indicators.
3. Sample Survey
Comprehensive survey of non-sampling survey, a major form of organization. It is based on randomly drawn from the overall sample were observed as part of the unit, and concluded with the observation of the overall number of features of a method of investigation.
4. Focus on the investigation
Key Survey is a non-comprehensive survey. It is in the survey, only a small number of key units to be investigated.
5. Typical survey
Typical investigation is a non-comprehensive survey. It is the purpose of the survey, conducted in a comprehensive analysis of the study, based on consciously selected a few representative units, in-depth and detailed investigation of a method of investigation.

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