What Is The Role Of Statistics In The Society?


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First of all, let's define what statistics really are.  Statistics are a simplification of a larger data set.  Humans don't deal well with huge amounts of data and get easily confused with too many numbers.  If I gave you ten values for the size of a apples in a basket, you would forget the first values well before I gave you the last values.  And the individual sizes aren't as significant as the average and distribution of sizes of the apples.  Hence we use statistics to reduce large amounts of data into manageable numbers, such as 'mean,' 'median' and 'standard deviation.' 

The role of these statistics in society is to provide a way to describe the general characteristics of large amounts of numbers in a condensed manner so people can easily understand them.  We use them anywhere numbers are used, in finance, accounting, engineering, geography, sociology, communications, etc. 

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