What Is The Role Of Statistics In Engineering?


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Statistics play a very important role in engineering. This is because most engineering projects have to be precisely calculated with every little detail recorded in order for it to work and fit together correctly.

Statistics are used in engineering for:
  • Determining the exact measurements needed for a structure to be secure
  • To aid quality control and decide on improvements
  • To help in the design and build of a structure or product
  • To work out the time a job will take and how many people are needed
Statistics is a form of math and it is certainly the case that maths and engineering going hand in hand.

For any structure to be built properly and safely, the plan has to be accurate down to the last detail, this can only be achieved with perfect math. Therefore without statistics and maths in engineering, it would be almost impossible to build to the same standard and to the same time-frame.

Everything is worked out by statistics, from the quality control to the number of items needed to fulfill the project it is really at the heart of everything.

Engineering is a very logical process and statistics help back any decision up and so risks are never taken due to it being built on facts and solid maths.
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What is statistics in engineering field?

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Statistics can let us find some rule In Engineering.

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