Who Are The Person Behind Development Of Statistics?


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The people who develop statistics will change depending upon what facts and figures the statistics reveal and what subject matter they are analyzing. There is not one body that controls every statistic ever written as people who deal with the research will concentrate on a specific subject matter and there will be experts in a certain field that develop the statistics.

A person who researches statistics is called a statistician and their primary objectives are to measure, interpret and describe aspects of the world around us and human activity patterns that occur. Advanced mathematical procedures are often used by statisticians to interpret their findings and discover what impact they have on the world.

Statisticians are often employed by companies to find and analyze data and present it in a way that reveals how a company can improve and to highlight what aspect of the business is doing well and what aspect is not doing so well. Statisticians are usually highly qualified and will have either a masters degree or a PHD in statistics or something related.

They may study anything from medicine and the affects of new drugs to the economy to environmental issues and analyze how our climate is changing. Specialists in particular subject areas will work alongside statisticians to produce results that can then be easily analyzed.

30 per cent of statisticians in the US work for governments, both federal, state and local. They are extremely important to governmental research and one of their jobs would be to gather data from research opinion polls, analyze it and present it as numerical data as a way of measuring the success of the government.

It is the statisticians who will be developing the questionnaire forms or any other way they decide to gather their data.

It is thought that the job prospects of statisticians will rise by 13 per cent by 2018 as more and more businesses realize the importance of statistics.

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