Who Are The Mathematicians That Has Contribution In Statistics?


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There are quite a few names of mathematicians who are famous for their contributions to statistics such as R.A. Fisher. The list below gives you a list and some accomplishments when found.

* RA Fisher: Known for his statistics, genetics, and evolutionary biology studies. He was a Darwin successor and helped with analysis of variances. Many call him the "Father of Statistics."

* Karl Pearson: London student known best for the Pearson's Chi-square test.

* Gertrude Cox was influential in America and founded the department of Experimental Statistics at North Carolina State.

* Frank Yates: Known for works in design for experiments and analysis variance in the 20th century. Yates was important for electronic computers and statistical computing.

* Kirstine Smith was Denmark born and known for her contributions for optimal design theory. She worked with Pearson.

* John Tukey: Wrote a book called Exploratory Data Analysis. He worked with confirmatory data analysis and statistical methodology.

* George Box: A pioneer in quality control, he also used design experiments and analysis to work out better quality control options.

* David Cox: British contributor to applied probability. He was known mostly for his proportional hazards model.

* Jerome Friedman: Researched statistical data mining and was a professor at Stanford University for 20 years.

* Bradley Efron: Was the president of the American Statistical Association. He was also the winner of the MacArthur Prize and the Wilks Medal for work in statistical methods like bootstrap method.

* FN David was known as being a statistician as well as increasing women's roles in science. She was an assistant to Karl Pearson.

These are just some of the most famous contributors to statistics and mathematics. There are other people not listed here that may also be included in a top 20 list of statisticians.

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