Mathematicians Who Have Great Contribution In Statistics?


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There are a number of mathematicians who have made great contributions in statistics including John Von Heaman who is regarded as greatest mathematicians in modern history and R A Fisher who is known as the father of statistics.

John Von Heaman was a Hungarian-American mathematician who made major contributions to a vast range of fields including in statistics. He was fundamental in econometric methodology and his legacy still lives

RA Fisher: Known for his statistics, genetics, and evolutionary biology studies. He was a Darwin successor and helped with analysis of variances. Many call him the 'Father of Statistics'. 

Karl Pearson: London student known best for the Pearson's experimental stats at North Carolina State.

Frank Yates is well known for his work in design for experiments and he was was important in the early days of electronic computers and statistical computing.

John Tukey wrote a book titled the Exploratory Data Analysis. He then worked with statistical methodology while David Cox was the British expert in probability was known mostly for his successful proportional hazards model. All of these people have made a major contribution in maths and the statistics side of it.

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