I Need A Sample Science Project On Hurricanes For A Fifth Grade Student. Can You Help?


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You can do a poster board weith pics of damages done by hurricanes along with facts.  See this link www.iss.k12.nc.us
1. Hurricanes blow counterclockwise when it's formed.
2. As air rises and condenses into clouds more warm air is drown in over the ocean.
3. The fastest part of a hurricane is the hurricane's eye walls.
4. The eye is the calmest part of a hurricane.
5. September and August have the most hurricanes.
6. When a hurricane is formed, the winds go 75 miles per hour.
7. Hurricanes form over the ocean.
8.  A hurricane has a wind spiral.
9.  A hurricane develops by feeding on warm air and moist air.
10. Low pressure areas act like a chimney, the air spreads out .
11. Which way is warm air drown up.
12. Hurricanes form on tropical water.
13. Great whirling storms roar out of  the ocean in many parts of the ocean.
14. When a hurricane forms warm air goes up.
15. Hurricanes  occur the most on the coast of North America.
16. Hurricanes develop from easterly waves.
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hurricanes cost allot like 20-40 billion dollars and about 8,00 to 12,000 people die on an average

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