How to make a working models of geography?


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If you are looking to think up your own working model for geography, as perhaps you are a teacher looking for new material for a class, or a student looking for a new project for your homework, there are various things you may want to consider. A working model is generally a miniature idea of a larger thing, so geography works well in this arena. If you want to think up your own working model for geography, you could consider:

  • Look into what is happening recently

Try to make your working model relating to something in the news that is relevant right now. At the moment, something geography related that is mentioned in the news is the Hurricane Irene that hit America recently. You could choose to base your working model around that. If you are looking of ways to do so, you could join forces with other people from your class or seek advice from your teachers to make your working model as good as you possibly can.

  • Look at something of interest to you

There is no point starting a project if it has no interest to you, whatsoever. If you have to invest time in one particular subject and you don't even enjoy it in the slightest, it will not be rewarding and it will not allow you to gain good results. You need something that will keep you interested until it is finished, as a project can be quite a demanding task.

  • Look at something that is achievable

You don't want to set yourself up doing something that will be incredibly time consuming and difficult to achieve with your working model. Choose one mission statement and stick to it, don't get caught up in the minor details else your project will never get finished.

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