How To Make A Working Model Of Hydroelectrical Dam?


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When it comes to making a model of a hydroelectric plant there are several key components that you will need to make sure you include. These three essential things are a water reservoir, some kind of turbine which will be turned by the water and something that represents a generator which will be powered by the turbine. Build a small wooden frame to hold your creation together when you are finished.

In real life, the water reservoir will be a dam which is above the turbines but for your model you just need something small to hold the water above the turbine so that it can fall down and turn it. Your "dam" can therefore be just about anything that holds the water at an elevation above the turbine.

The turbine can just be a mini water wheel that is attached below the elevated water source. The water from this source is allowed to flow down from the source and through the turbine. So that people can see what is going on, a small waterfall and a paddlewheel. However in a real life dam, the turbine and water flow downwards would be enclosed inside the dam.

When the water flows down from the waterfall, the turbine will spin. So to show that it is working, you will need to attach something to the dam that shows that electricity is being generated. Showing this can be tricky because the normal method would be to attach a small light bulb or LED to the turbine, however there probably wouldn't be enough power generated to light a bulb. So the best way to show the electricity would be to attach a voltmeter to the turbine so that you can effectively show how much voltage is being generated. Some people who have a bit more time attach a rechargeable battery to the turbine to demonstrate the electricity.
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Making a dam


1. 3 plastic straws
2. Large cork
3. Pieces of thin, stiff plastic
4. Wire coat hanger
5. Green sponge
6. Pail
7. 2 catch pans
8. 2 flexible tubes
10. A small piece of wood (the measurements are difficult to tell)


1. Cut the wood to the length that is required. The wood must be 1/4 inch thick

2. Nail the wood together so it looks like two troughs.

3. Waterproof the model down the middle of each trough with caulking compound.

4. Paint the model with a green waterproof paint. You should use layers of paint on the model just to be sure that the water does not go through.

5. Drill three holes in the triangle that will be the dam. Secure this into one of the troughs. Use caulking compound.

6. Use a green sponge or something else that resembles trees to put on the side if each river. This will create the trees that are on the side of every river. Make the trees thick around the dam to show how the plant-life is thicker there in real life.

7. Make the turbine out of the cork and the stiff plastic, placing the plastic around the cork. Drill a hole in the middle of the cork and stick the wire of the coat hanger through it. Secure this to the model at the base of the dam.

8. Put three straws in the holes in the triangle piece that is the dam. Two of the straws that are on the outer edges must have holes in them made with a pin that are an inch apart. Plug the end of the straws with a clay.

9. Fill the bucket with water and put one end of the tubes into it. Place the other at the top of the model. Let the water run down the model into the catch pans.

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Iwould do all of the above, except to make it work! Actually work try doing this with 2 liter bottle
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I want a working model of dam for 11th and 12th

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