How To Build A Working Model Of A Dam?


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You go outside find mud, sticks and other things to build a beaver dam.
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Look on the internet for images of dams
You will see they are usually created in a horseshoe shaped valley
A dam wall is built across the open end of the horseshoe
At the bottom of the wall is a hole with a gate or tap or valve to allow controlled release of the water out of the dam

Start with a board about 3 ft square draw a horseshoe shape on it
Take a piece of wood about 6inches tall 1/2 inch thick and 1ft long
drill a hole in the middle of the 12 inch side about 1 inch from the edge this should be at the bottom to release the water.
Glue in a pipe with a tap attached
Now with this piece of wood placed on the board acting as the dam wall glue underneath to seal and fix in place with nails or screws from underneath use mastic sealant if needed
now with a bag of plaster or ready mix concrete or mortar slap the mix on the board to give a horseshoe valley shape hills which form the perimeter of the dam about 6 inches tall sealed around the piece of wood with the pipe which is acting as the dam wall. It should look like the letter you with a wooden wall and pipe closing the open end
When everything is dried fill with water open and close the valve to release water as a dam would
Painting the hills green and using modelling clay bits of twigs etc you can improve the overall appearance
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You go get mud moise pokemon and a beaver and get them to bild it.
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Things You will need: A long Storage container, strew, and a square board with a hold through it   and white sponge for cloud. Water Instructions Use one end of the small strew to connect to the sponge and connect it to a pipe. Ensure the cloud is over the the long container which will be were river. Next cut out one end of the storage container and place in the  square board away from the uncut end. And there you have a dam

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