How Did Hannibal Die?


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He drank poison
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He took poison rather than be captured by the Romans. Legend has it that he had a hollow ring which held the poison. This took place at Lybissa on the shores of the Sea of Marmara, sometime between 183 and 181 BC.
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The romans were closing in on him and he prefered to commit suicide rather than be captureed. He drank poison and died.
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I don't think he died.  It's not a cold case file. I hear that FBI agent Clarisse Starling is still hot on his trail…….The Hannibal of old I understand had relations with a camel while crossing the Alps and was crushed to death. The coroner ruled the death as a Humpicide.
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The camels were elephants,and he got dead trunk!! Rubbish Willie.He took poison,rather than be humiliated by the Romans
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Gimme a break Willie, you know elephants can't climb mountains. If he wanted a hump every now and then, why would he choose to travel with a pachyderm. I think you're the one who's dead trunk.
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They had "clampons" on.The elephants i mean
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With his pants unzipped and his mouth open....I was the fly on the wall (smile)

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