Topics of working models of science for class 9?


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You will find some excellent ideas for working science models at websites such as

You will notice under the title and brief description of each project that there are different options for the corresponding education levels. If you select the high school option for each experiment then you will get the correct level for your class 9.

When considering a working science model it is important to try and pick something that will be fun to build and to find out the result. If you think it will be a definitive result then this can make writing up the experiment easier; however you may find it more interesting if you can't predict what will happen before conducting the test.

It is also a great idea to take extensive notes while building the experiment and certainly when the experiment is taking place. This way, when it comes to the time to write up the results and analyze the experiment, you should have plenty of notes to refer to.

You should always have a solid conclusion to your working science model evaluation and this should include what you may be able to improve for the next time you conduct such a test. As stated earlier, the best science models are the most interesting and fun to make, conduct and analyze; and this should be kept in mind when deciding on which to choose.
Like solar energy

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