Show A Working Model For High School Students In Science?


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One idea for a working model for high school students in science is to create an Archimedes Screw model. This model could be constructed from Lucite (clear plastic) or vinyl piping which is cut to size; bear in mind that an adult must always be present when a saw or power tool is used. It's also possible to find alternative supplies that don't need any cutting with very sharp objects or power tools. Your Archimedes Screw working model could be filled with beans or any grainy substance, such as rice, to help demonstrate the inner workings of the science project model.

Ideas For Building An Archimedes Screw Working Model

• Use lengths of 3-inch pipe (vinyl/PVC) to create the main channel of the Archimedes Screw.
• Use a smaller width of pipe to form the middle of the auger.
• Wrap ladies' nylon stockings around the middle of the auger to secure it.
• Find some end caps for vinyl pipes and adapt them for use as bearings in your design.

The Archimedes Screw working model is based on the Archimedes Screw machine; this type of machine helps to transfer H20 from low lying rivers, pools, and lakes...the water is then moved into ditches designed for irrigation purposes. The name of this useful and ingenious machine can be traced back to Hellenistic days, when the engineers of Greece began to use it to perform amazing feats of human ingenuity related to building.

Getting starting on your science project working model can be as easy as finding some excellent illustrations of an Archimedes Screw machine online; you may also want to look for videos of this machine in use, so that you can watch all the parts work together to perform a specific task. Don't be afraid to ask a teacher, friend, or parent for help with your science project working model.

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