How To Make A Science Exhibition Model Of Global Warming?


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Given the importance of young people being educated about global warming, more and more people are having the same idea as you. For elementary school children, you would be able to conduct solar thermal experiments that are used to demonstrate how the greenhouse effect works. Understanding how the weather works and how climates can change is incredibly importance, and hence this idea of a greenhouse effect experiment is great for younger students who want to learn the basics of global warming.

For middle school students, something a little more complex can be done. Instead you could somehow illustrate the way in which biodiesel and biofuels are made, and it can be demonstrated how the fuels are used, and how they work. Students at middle school will be able to create more detailed and complex projects. So as a teacher you should be able to teach the students the changes that occur in the ozone layer, and how it has a huge effect on things on planet earth. Namely, the effect that is has on the penguin population within Antarctica.

You could also test a number of landscaping materials like stones and woodchips to determine the effect that they have on cooling the earth down.

For high school students, something even more complex and interesting can be done. For instance, you could go about demonstrating how the change of the climate will affect peoples’ lives, and a model solar car can be built to show how global warming can be slowed down through the use of new and innovative technologies like this. This will involve creating a car that runs on electricity with a basic structure, four motors and a solar panel that are able to power the wheels and the motors.
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Draw mountains on the cardboard sheet and place it on the ice cubes on the mountain and place the hot water under begins to melt.that solve
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Show A Working Model For Global-warming?
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Draw a picture of a power plant and cars and an spray can with the letters CFC next to it. Next show wavy lines that represent gases. Next show these wavy lines destroying the ozone and creating a pollution layer in our atmosphere. Now demonstrate with arrows coming from the sun. They will penetrate the Ozone and pollution and bounce off the surface. When they travel back up you make them bounce off the pollution layer. This demonstrates the basic pollution. If you need to get more technical, then demonstrate the flow of CFC to the poles. Then talk about the CFC cycle and electromagnetic radiation causing the Ozone hole to expand. Then talk about the end of life as the radiation comes tumbling through the hole.

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Have a student lamp,  Which will represent the sun and expose it close to a sheet of writing paper, close enough for the sun to scorch the paper (earth)  You could add a thermometer in the experiment and record the temperatures on a graticule
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Jus take a cardboard box n place   cotton pieces. Draw a sun at a corner of the box
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Come to central north ontario, you will see a new pattern developping. Hot hot summers, and freezing cold winters. The hot summers causes the polar ice caps to melt, then cooling the ocean, egads, then the cold and dampness sets in. Once we could predict times of year by the calender and what was to come, now, it is hit and miss
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1. Put 2 open boxes under the noon sun.
2. Place a thermometer in each box.
3. Record their temperatures.
4. Cover one box completely with the glass sheet.
5. After 15 minutes take the temperatures in both boxes.
6. Leave them for another 15 minutes.
7. Take another temperature reading.
8. Let your students explain the result.

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