Show Me How To Make A Working Model For Science Exhibition?


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Making a working for a science exhibition can be quite easy. In order to make simple working bicycle you will need: A pair of pliers, steel wires i.e. Those used for fencing, soft wires i.e. Those used in electrical wires, rubber straps and rubber foam.

Use the pliers to cut out the steel wires and create a bicycle frame.

Cut out two round shaped steel wires and shape them into circles for the wheels.

Using the soft electrical wires, bond and tighten up all joints around the frame, tightening them hard to reduce any minimal movement.

Using the rubber bands, round them all over the wheels and use the soft wires to join them up.

Use the soft wires to make the spokes which should be joined at the centre of the wheel to aid firmness and support.

Once done with the spokes, place a small steel wire in the middle which will be used to join the wheels to the bicycle body.

Join the wheels to the main frame and tighten them lightly so as to allow for wheel rotation.

Place steel wiring on top to act as the seat and use the rubber foam to be the saddle.

Using the remaining soft wires, join the paddle shaft to the rear wheel as this will act as the chain.

Test your bicycle by paddling and seeing if the rear wheel rotates.

If not make minor adjustments on the rear wheel and the chain, so that it is able to rotate.

Your working bicycle should be ready for exhibition.

This is a simple concept that can be used to make a working bicycle model for your science exhibition.
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My friend, listen prepare a small model you can pre pare an electrick model
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If you are needing assistance in your science project here is a video we put together while we made ours so we hope you enjoy and leave a comment please! And Don't forget to subscribe, thanks =) by the way you can not have cilia AND a flagellum.. Oops so make sure you only choose one of them DO NOT ADD BOTH! Enjoy!

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