Where Can I Find A Working Model For Mathematics Exhibition?


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Working models suitable for mathematics exhibitions can be purchased online, for around ten to fifty dollars depending upon the quality and complexity of the model. Simply use a search engine such as Yahoo! Or Google to find a website selling these products - there should be three or four good value stores displayed on the first page on search results. Alternatively, you could look in high street gadget shops. Often these shops sell interesting models that would be suitable for a mathematics exhibition.
  • Making your own mathematics exhibition model
Of course, it would be a lot better if you could produce your own mathematics model to display at an exhibition. In fact, this may be necessary if you are completing some sort of class project or assignment. To do this, you should use your imagination. Consider what aspects of mathematics interest you - or failing this, think about something in mathematics you find easy to understand. Once you have an idea, you should think of a way to incorporate it into a model. Below is one idea you could use to produce a mathematics exhibition model.
  • The cone and cylinder demonstration
In mathematics, a cylinder that is the same length as a cone and has the same circumference as the cone's base has three times the volume of the cone. It would be easy to produce a model demonstrating this theory. Firstly, use strong paper or cardboard to produce a reasonably large cylinder and a cone with the above similar dimensions. Then, find a box and fill it with a substance such as sand. You can then show that by filling and emptying the cone with sand into the cylinder, it takes three scoops to fill the cylinder completely.

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