Is School The Best Preparation For Your Working Life?


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Not necessarily. Sometimes people find out when they get into a work environment that they are always expected to produce results no matter how they feel, and no matter how hard it is.

In school, there are always second chances, and time off when you feel bad, and many ways to get out of doing your assignments. In the working life, none of that is true.

In school, the teachers and students always try to make things more fun, and the schedule is subject to change, in the work place, the schedule stays the same all the time, and you are not given much chance to make exceptions.

It can be fun, if you work in a more lenient office, but don't expect too much. It's mostly hard work, and business behavior expected.
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For someone, biology and chemistry are completely unnecessary subjects. However, if you want to become a qualified doctor with a prestigious diploma, you need to force yourself to learn these subjects. On I was given the hope that I would still master these 2 academic subjects. And so it happened. I mastered the material perfectly and entered the university

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