Show any working models in physics which can be put on a school exhibition?


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  • There are many different arms of physics, ranging from space to forces and equations.
  • One working model that you could make might be a solar system model. This consists of making all the planets from relatively sized balls and either hanging them off of string or wire coat hangers in the correct order and depth around the sun. Depending on your scale, you could use a basketball or a tennis ball for the sun. Alternatively you could make your own balls out of paper mache for custom sizes.
  • This site, enables you to input the size of your sun you are using and then calculates how big the other planets need to be around it.
  • The planets don't have to be 3D if you do not want, they can simply be circles of paper that you can color in yourself, or print off of the internet. There are loads of kids craft sites on the internet, all with varying methods of making your own solar system. Have a look for your self by typing "make a solar system model" in to Google or another search engine, and choose one that you think suits your project best.
  • Another suggestion would be a friction based model, whereby you wrap varying materials around blocks of wood or another solid material and slide them down a shiny surface, to see which one has the most friction, and then you can explore as to why this is the case.
  • There are probably loads more physics models you could make out there, but these are the most interesting ones I could find.

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