Can anyone give a website for good science projects or any projects which would be good and kind of working model?


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Ok ok I will suggest
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Hi Vanmguy well vanp-it-in google science and projects, what kind of project and area of science are you thinking of, let me know and I'll come back to you - science goes as far as the heavens and as low as the hells, - is there more than one heaven - does it exist - what' happening in the cosmos. Wow is there a negative horizon, who discovered penecillen, what's the science of ghosts, extra sensory perception - does psychology of the mind follow a scientific route, or does it have a world of its own..... Let's talk... Let me know and hey - All the Best, good to Blurtit.
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Yeah since i cannot send shouts to you , i'll ask here. Can you give me any websites? Iam gonna do one in bot,zoo,phy,chem each.
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How to make an Atomic Bomb is always a good project to make and you can use it to scare all your competition away. :P LoL

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