What would be a good Physical Science science fair project? I need topics & ideas.


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Here are some ideas for a good Physical Science science fair project:

Fly a kite.
Adding a tail to the kite adds stability. Try different lengths of tail or vary the number of tails.

Make parachutes with garbage bags and fishing line. See if larger parachutes are better than smaller parachutes.

Swinging Pendulums.
Make a simple pendulum from a string and fishing weight.

Musical Glasses.
Running your finger around a wine glass is fun and cool for your project. Does the tone change if you use different liquids in the glass? Check to see if changing the amount of liquid changes the tone.

Balloons and Static Electricity.
If you rub a balloon against your hair or a wool sweater, you can generate enough static electricity to stick the balloon to a wall. You can see how many rubs it takes to do this.

Spaghetti Bridge.
One piece of spaghetti is easy to break. Bundling several pieces together can support a lot of weight. Make bundles of spaghetti to make beams that span two chairs or tables. Hang a cup from the middle of the spaghetti beam and add fishing weights or bolts until the beam breaks.

You can make a simple electromagnet with a lantern battery, copper wire and a nail. Wrap the wire around the nail several times and connect the ends to the battery terminals. Use the magnet to pick up iron filings. Increase the number of windings and see how the amount of filings your magnet picks up changes.

These are just a few good ideas for your project!! Good Luck!!
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Omigod, these are so helpful, thanks for taking the time to post all of them . :D
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Your welcome :) I am glad I could help!! Good Luck on your Physical Science Fair Project!! :)

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