What Is 1 X 2 X 3=


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Six. With multiplication (an all other functions) you always go left to right unless there are mixed functions (addition, subtraction, division, multiplication). Then you need to follow the rules for order of operations (BEDMAS).
B - Brackets - do whatever is in brackets first
E - Exponents - work out all exponents before you do other functions
D - Division - work out all division before continuing to do any new steps
M - Multiplication - work it all out before continuing any new steps
A - Addition - work out all addition before continuing any new steps
S - Subtraction - work out all subtraction and then you're done
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6... That was easy. Give us another one!!!!
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The answer is six. Since it is all multiplication you go left to right. If it gets mixes with addition or subtraction you do the multiply or divide first then the add and subtract. Good luck.
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I will go through the steps with you... First you start on the left, then you multiply the first two numbers, 1 times 2, equals 2. Then you multiply that number with the next number, 2 times 3, equals 6, your final answer!!! :)
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I will go through this with you so  you get a full understanding of the question...
1 x 2 = 2
2 x 3 = 6! That is your answer! Hope this helps!
Don't take this the wrong way, um, how old are you?
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6 , 1X2=2 & 2X3=6 duh

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