What Is A Fast Science Fair Project Idea That Is Is Easy For A 6th Grader?

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for what

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Here are some ideas

• Use different musical glasses in order to describe different Pitch.

• Boil different things down, such as ink, milk and so on to see if it contains water.

• In which artificial light plants grow better.

Or check out the following link

science project
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Hey make a group theirs a lot of you guys asking ok by percentage how much bigger is ice than water or dry ice be careful ask before using dry ice does burn what's a burn  what is the best cloth for static electric.   What do you hate to do find a easer way. How long is the best amount of time to soak a egg in vinager to get the best boyncy
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I am 6th grade and I have an idea for an experiment. If this is for school, you can show this to the class.

*A glass bowl
*A small magnet
*A wooden spoon

*Pour cornflaks/branflakes into bowl.
*Mix and crunch up cornflakes/branflakes
*Attach magnet to spoon and cover spoon in clingfilm
*Wash cornflakes of spoon, but don't wipe.

Iron fillings should be on the spoon.

Iron is a mineral found in food aswell as a etal.
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Do you have any science fair ideas for a six grader girl?
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Show the effects of different specific gravities in liquids by making an "Ocean in a Bottle".  Remove the labels from a two-liter soft-drink bottle.  Fill the bottle to the half-way mark with vegetable oil.  Pour the oil down the side of the bottle to avoid forming bubbles.  Using either clear tap water or a tap water/food coloring mixture, fill the bottle SLOWLY, all the way to the very, very top.  Again, pour the water slowly down the side of the bottle to avoid forming bubble.   You will see that the water sneaks in UNDER the oil and does not mix with the vegetable oil.  If you were not careful, the two liquids will mix but will separate upon standing for a while.  Carefully screw on the cap tightly, and you are finished with the preparations.  To display, hold the bottle horizontally and then tilt it sid to side, watching great waves of colored water move in slow motion only to crash against the ends of the bottle.
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First you need a question
second a hypothesis
third test hypothesis
fourth was your hypothesis correct

1 is second hand smoke dangerous

2 yes

3 using several clean glass pieces place  and ( label them ) one in a clean smoke-free area.
Place one in a very confined area like inside a car of a smoker
and another in an area that is less confined like a house near a smoker.

4 on the day of the science fair at the fair spray the glass with glass cleaner and you will see that the glass around the smokers will have a brown residue and the one in a confined space may have more.

Give the judges the findings
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Found this website, They have tons of science fair projects to choose from. We have so much fun going thru their website. It's easy access and you can download the blueprints on the projects you want.... Immediately! The blueprints are so easy to follow.
Try it and good luck on your project!
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