How Do I Reference A Press Release In APA Style?


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The American Psychological Association has a very strict method of referencing sources used in papers, journals, dissertations, essays etc. Along with the Harvard style guide, the style guide set out by the American Psychological Society is one of two methods adopted by most universities to reference other peoples’ work in your own.

Referencing books, journal articles and other common types of text is fairly simple, and the method for referencing press releases is also. An example is given below:

British Petroleum (December 1, 2010). ’British Petroleum apologizes for Gulf oil spill incident'. Press Release. Retrieved 2011-05-26.

The company or organization giving the press release is given first, followed by the date of the press release. The title of the press release is then quoted in speech marks, and the words 'Press Release' follow it to denote that you have cited a press release. The date you have retrieved a copy of the press release is next, and finally a location, this will usually be a URL or web address, but could also be an archive kept in a library etc.

As with all referencing styles, it is important to follow the correct guide and doubly important to ensure consistency. If your institution gives you the choice of referencing according to APA or Harvard styles, be sure to stick to one and not use both!
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I don't want to give the wrong information, so you'd better have a look at an example - if you click here and go down to Page 6, you will find at least one example of a press release citation in APA.

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