How Is The Reference Page Done For A Paper In APA Style Formatted?


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Referencing in the APA style format is very important to ensuring the validity of your essay or dissertation. Therefore you need to follow the style exactly in order to make sure you have correctly referenced any sources you've used in your work and to avoid any issues of plagiarism.

A great website that clearly shows how to reference a page in APA style can be found at:
Make sure you follow this and include all references you have used even if you have not directly used quotes by them. You need to include any sources you have used simply for research as you may have subconsciously used this in your thoughts after being influenced by something you have read.

If you do not correctly reference any work you may have used then your essay or dissertation runs the risk of being failed due to plagiarized content. You will not only fail the assignment but could also face criminal action if it is a serious example of plagiarism.

Therefore as stated above it is absolutely crucial that the APA format is followed correctly and all sources are correctly referenced. You should nearly take as long doing the reference page as you do writing your essay as they are of equal importance to your final grade.

A good way of keeping track with all your sources is to list them at the bottom of your essay as you go. This way you will not risk forgetting exactly where you may have got an idea or quote from later down the line when you come to write up the reference page.

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