How Can I Make A Perfect Science Model For Class 6?


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Adam Yare answered
There are some very useful science websites that should give you lots of ideas for making science models for your class.

One of these science websites is As the name clearly suggests it is full of science project ideas and information. The site is constantly updated with new projects so you should never run out of ideas to take from the site.

The website is also rather handily split into class range sections, so you can view science projects that are suitable for a certain age group - if you are looking for grade 6 science projects, you should head to Within the age range sections the projects are also divided into what branch of science they are best suited to. The sections are physics, meteorology, chemistry and biology. They also classify each experiment by its length, so you can choose an appropriate model suitable for your individual time constraints.

Another useful website is This again has lots of great ideas for science projects. You can sign up and become a member for free, or pay a monthly fee for a lot more features.

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