Where Can I Go To Take Free Cna Classes In Queens NY?


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There are various free options available if you want to become a Certified Nursing Assistants in Queens NY. The most popular routes are through Adult Learning Centers, Workforce 1 and the Visiting Nurse Service. There are certain criteria that you have to meet to qualify, but these courses are available in areas such as the Bronx and Harlem.

  • What do I need to do?

In order to apply for free care training, you have to contact each agency to determine their current requirements. All of them will require that you work for them for a certain period after qualification; but this shouldn't deter anyone looking for a new career.

Recruiting the right type of candidates for certain jobs is becoming increasingly difficult, with many organizations realizing that offering free training is a good incentive to build loyalty and retain staff.

  • Are there other more direct options?

If there is a particular place that you would like to work in, there is no harm in trying the direct approach. Contact them by telephone to discuss your interest and they may have some specific training programs to recruit the type of staff that they require.

You will be required to attend an interview and undergo an aptitude test, but this shouldn't be viewed as an obstacle if you are dedicated to the profession.

  • What career paths will this open up?

There are a vast number of care options available if you are a CNA. The care business is one of the most certain industries around at the moment with more and more people living longer and expecting a higher level of care. Once you have qualified, you will find many internal options opening up to further your career.
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Anyone who would like to become a Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) must attend and graduate from a school that is licensed by both the NYS Education Department and the NYS Department of Health.  Access Careers located at 474 Fulton Avenue, Hempstead, NY 11550 is CNA School that is established with both agencies.  We run an excellent CNA program and have four different class schedules to accommodate our students.  Our school has a solid track record which can be seen on the public records of the NYS Nurse Aide Registry website.  We are conveniently located in Long Island and are accessible to both residents of Queens County, Nassau County and Suffolk County.  If you need more information you can contact us at 516.433.0034 or visit or website at www.accesscareers.net
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I left you a shout with some info

not free but they are great w/ financial aid


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