Where Can I Get Free Cna Classes In Long Island, Or Happauge, NY?


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In order to pursue a profession as a qualified nursing assistant (CNA) in New York or any other part of the country, one needs to get certification from the state approved Certified Training Assistant (CNA) program.

The cost of getting this certification is quite high if you opt to do the course independently. However, you can search for the nursing homes that can provide you assistance in acquiring the qualification, if you agree to serve them after you complete your program and become a nurse.

The following link can guide you with the addresses of all the nursing homes, which provide the above mentioned services.

Basically, the job of a nursing assistant is to provide treatment and care facilities to the patients and sick people in different government and private hospitals. Moreover, they can also be hired to offer healthcare services to the patients who do not want to stay in the hospitals; rather they want a private nurse at home to care for them.

The job of a nurse is a very tough one with anomalous work hours. They have to work hard in odd conditions and serve all kinds of patients in unusual conditions.

In order to get a free CNA certification, one can contact the Adult Learning Centres in their area, since they offer free training programs to the students who are unable to pay their tuition fees. In New York, such centres can be found in Bronx and Harlem.

One can also get the free CNA qualification through the course provided by the Visiting Nurse Service. However, one needs to meet the eligibility criteria and should fill an application form in order to do the course and give the free certification exam.

In addition, one is also required to purchase the course books themselves.

Apart from the aforementioned ways, you can also apply for scholarships and concessions in New York state in order to make up for the expenditures.
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Access Careers is a school licensed by both NYS Education Department and NYS Department of Health to train students for the NYS Certified Nursing Assistant exam. 

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Hi, sorry, I had to edit the rest of your answer, because that same content seems to appear on several other websites, and we can only accept original submissions.

We get plenty of CNA related questions though, so if you're interested in genuinely helping our community, then feel free to share your expert knowledge and advice!
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Yes you can find free CAN classes and for this you can try St. Francis in Roslyn. They at times take students and give selected students free training. So best of luck! Free CNA

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