Where Can I Take Free Lamaze Class In Queens?


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Babies R Us is known for offering plenty of classes, and all of which are free. If you need something more local, however, then the New York City local authority will be able to offer you plenty of assistance. By heading over to, you will be able to gain plenty of information about the classes and where you can go to attend them.

The website talks about the Bellevue Hospital Center and the Jacobi Medical Center. It says that these two institutions are designated in New York as Regional Parental Centers - this is the highest state designation. These Regional Parental Centers are able to provide all of the services and expertise that are needed by pregnant women who are most at risk, or who are acutely ill. The centers are also able to deal with transfers of high-risk patients from different hospitals in the area to their own facilities, and are completely responsible for all of the support, education ad consultation in regards to quality of care in the affiliate hospitals that are within their region.

Lamaze is a popular and prepared childbirth technique that was developed around 70 years ago by Dr. Fernand Lamaze, a French obstetrician. It was designed to be an alternative to medical intervention during childbirth, giving people the right to object to medical childbirth and instead use the Lamaze technique. The overall aim of Lamaze is to be able to increase the confidence of the mother in her ability to give birth to the child. By going to the classes in institutions and centers listed above, you will be able to learn to cope with the pain associated with childbirth, as well as learn how to focus your breathing and your movement throughout the time you are giving birth. Give it a go and you'll be sure to reap the benefits when it finally gets to your time.

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