How To Make Significance Of The Study?


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A statement of significance is one of the most important parts of a scientific study. All studies are scientifically significant in some way, no matter what they are researching, so a statement of significance highlights this. The purpose of a statement of significance is to tell the reader why the study is significant or important. It should also let the reader know what contributions this study could make to science.

Below are some instructions on how to write a good statement of significance.

  • Step one. The first thing that you will need to do before you actually start to write your report is to read your professor's guidelines for writing a report. There will probably be a specific section for a statement of significance so make sure you know everything that is involved.
  • Step two. You should then start to make some notes on the study based on the knowledge you have gained during your classes and lectures.
  • Step three. Conduct research into your topic using the research database that you school has. If you are having trouble finding existing research to clarify findings, then speak to your department's librarian. Further problems should be discussed during an appointment with your professor.
  • Step four. Gather all of your research together. An excellent way of organizing your work is to compile an annotated bibliography that should only be used by yourself. However this may be required as part of your report.
  • Step five. When it comes to actually writing your statement of significance, you should basically rephrase your research findings but in all of your own words. In-text citations should be provided where you think it is appropriate. Make sure that all of your language is scientifically correct and follows all the guidelines that were issued by your professor.

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