What Is The Importance Of Studying Narrative?


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Narratives are, generally speaking, either fictional or non-fictional stories describing sequences of events. They are an important part of every culture, and are often used to make or illustrate specific points.

  • Studying Narrative
It is important to study narrative, as it allows an insight into the author's own culture and the time he lived in, as well as, to a certain extent, his or her own views and ideas. In fictional writing, the writer communicates his thoughts and ideas directly to the writer. The emotions and feelings conveyed by the narrative provide a glimpse into the narrators thoughts and feelings. Some narratives are used to make a specific moral or political point, which is revealed through study.

  • Narrative in Psychology
Within psychology, narrative is regarded as a part of an individual's sense of cultural and self identity. It is essential in the creation or construction of memories and is thought of as being the fundamental nature of self. The collapse of positive or coherent narrative in an individual can lead to mental disorders or psychosis. Repairing narrative, known as narrative therapy, is often an important part of recovery.

Narratives can be referred to as psychological processes involved in the creation of self-identity, meaning and memory.

  • Case Study
Case studies undertaken in narrative form highlight an individual's view of their own identity and personality, their relationship to others, their perceived role in society and culture, personal feelings and experiences. By studying and subsequently analyzing these narratives, valuable information regarding the individual's personality, state of mind and present difficulties or conditions can be determined.

  • Social Science
Narrative case studies in social sciences are thought to provide more useful information with regards to social theories and policies, and subsequently improved access to policy intervention, than any other type of social inquiry.

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