Why Do We Study Philippine Narratives?


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If you are a Filipino then the reason you study this kind of narrative is that it is a huge part of your heritage. Just like English people would study the English language and English history, Filipino students have to take into account Philippine culture and history when they are doing their studies in school. Your ancestors did a lot to build and create your country and your culture, and we must ensure that the youngsters of today are able to understand and appreciate that. Philippine narratives can be gripping, cultural and interesting, so even if there was no good reason to study them, doing so is still an enjoyable thing to do. 

If you are not a Filipino, then there are still plenty of reasons why you should want to study something like this. Learning about other cultures is a great thing to do, but it's also something that can give you an insight into the rest of the world. Whilst it may just be a bit of fun, it's actually an incredible thing to do. By learning about other cultures you can see how cultures have influenced one another in the past and you can learn about how they can still influence one another today.

In order for future generations to be able to enjoy the benefits of cultural and historical writing then people must continue to study and learn about it today. Without that the people that understand the cultural writings will eventually disappear and all we will have left are some accounts of things that have been written in the past. So get involved with the study of cultural and historical writings today and you'll be a part of a team that is fighting to ensure that Philippine cultural writings remain available and open in the future.

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