What Are Philippines Narrative?


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The main types of Philippine narratives are:

• Legend
• Myth
• Saga
• Poetry
• Chanting
• Singing
• Story telling

You can be sure to find more information on why these are the main types as you search on the internet, however they are all used to ensure that stories can be told without the use of paper and the need the have actual books.

The Philippine narrative is told through mouth and all of the stories are going to be developed over time, the fact that they are told and not written allows them to be more dramatic and have more of an effect on the person who is listening to the story. If you have never studied the Philippine narrative before you may be very surprised that it is all spoken and not written as it is in most cultures and countries.

This is why the narrative is studied, it is so different to anything else that you will have come across and it allows you to understand how different people around the world tell different stories to one another. You can be sure that you are going to be able to find more information on the different types of Philippine which are examined when you look online, here you are going to find certain articles and assignments which have been written for you to use and to ensure that you understand the Philippine narrative as much as possible so you can have a clear idea of how it affects the culture and the people within that culture.

Once you have a clear understanding you can go into more depth and study the subject further so you know exactly how it affects people differently to a normal book being written or read to a child and an adult.

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