What Are The Type Of Philippine Narrative?


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The different types of Philippine narrative are as follows:

•    Myths and legend stories
•    Diaries and real life recordings of events
•    Poetry and songs
•    Slogans
•    Historic prose and factual accounts of events
•    Folk stories of past times

Narratives are basically just stories or accounts of events; they can be real life or fictional and can take many number of forms as you can see from the list above. A Philippine narrative is simply a story or account which details the life and culture, past and present, of the Philippine way of life.

'Philippine Narrative' is studied in many schools across the Philippines and in Philippine schools across the world. This gives children an insight into their culture and the history behind their life today. The subject is very similar to that of English Literature in the UK, the exception being they often place more focus on real life accounts of events whereas in the UK most of the studied books are fictional.

The study of Philippine Narratives focuses on a large quantity of poetry. Their poetry is thought to incorporate an insight into the culture and life in the Philippines with unique and thoughtful perspectives and viewpoints.

There are many great writers who are celebrated through this subject, including the following:

•    Salvador P. López
•    Juan C. Laya
•    Nestor Vincente Madali Gonzalez
•    Arturo Rotor

These writers' work are studied and celebrated widely throughout Philippine cultures worldwide. Some of these authors focus on major historical events, some on love stories, some on battles and some on the general life of the Philippines throughout time.

Most educational establishments which choose to study this will opt to select a number of different books from different categories in order to get a varied view of Philippine writing.

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