What Are The Feature Of Philippines Narratives?


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A narrative is a general term for telling a story and derives from the Latin verb narre, 'to recount'.

Before writing any narrative, it is important to consider the following:
  • Purpose - will the reader be entertained? Will they change their attitudes or social opinions?
  • Types of narratives - will it be fact or fiction?  Horror story? Science Fiction? Myths and Legends?
  • Features - how will you define your characters?
  • Will your dialogue be in past or present tense?
  • How will you use language to create an image in the readers mind?
  • Problem and resolution - what will they be?
  • Plot - what will happen in your narrative?
  • Setting? - where will your narrative take place?
It is important to study any cultural narrative, to understand their roots, traditions and way of life.

Philippine folk narratives can either be in prose, e.g. The alamat and the kuwentong bayan or in verse e.g. Folk narrative.

  • Philippine Gods: Bathalao Bakunawao Kan-Laono Mangindusa
  • Philippine mythical beings: Aswango Diwatao Duwendeo Juan Tamado Malakas and Magandao Mambabarango Manananggaio Mangkukulam
  • Philippine mythical Animals: Bakunawao Ekeko Kapreo Manaulo Sigbino Tiyanak
  • Philippine mythical heroes: Ama-rono Bernardo Carpioo Lam-ang
Significant Philippine narratives include:
  • Filipino Poetry (1924) by Rodolfo Datoo
  • Villa's Footnote to Youth: Tales of the Philippines and Others (1933)
  • Poems (1940) by Angela Manalang-Gloriao
  • His Native Soul (1941) by Juan C. Laya

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