What Are Kinds Of Philippine Narratives?


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There are numerous kinds of Philippine narratives;
  • Myth
  • Legend
  • Folk tales
  • Stories
  • Sagas
  • Poems
  • Chants
  • Written records
  • Histories
  • Documentaries

Narratives are nothing but stories which are fabricated in a creative format, creating a series of fictional and non-fictional outcomes called events.

  • Creative formats or constructive formats are the work of writing, speech, poetry, prose, pictures, song, motion pictures, video games, and theater or dance.

  • The genesis of the word narrate is from the Latin word, meaning "to retail", which is associated with the word gnarus which means "acknowledging" or "efficient".

  • To summarize, the word was born from proto-Indo-Europe and means "to acknowledge". The word 'narrative' could have been an alternative to the word 'story', although narratives refer to a series of events - it is possible there will be narratives within narratives.
The crux of narration is the narrative way. Narration is a process used for communication of narratives. Narration is one mode of discussion along with other three modes of exposition, argumentation and description. Narration is the fiction writing means, by which a communication is set up in between narrator and the reader.

Some renowned Philippine narratives;
  • Zoilo Galang - A Child of Sorrow (1921)
  • Rodolfo Dato - Filipino Poetry (1924)
  • Pablo Laslo - English-German Anthology of Filipino Poets (1934)
  • Arturo Rotor - The Wound and the Scar (1937)
  • Jose Garcia - Villa's Many Voices (1939)
  • Salvador P. López - Literature and Society (1940)
  • N. V. M. Gonzalez - Winds of April (1940)
  • Angela Manalang-Gloria - Poems (1940)
  • Doveglion - Poems (1941)
  • Juan C. Laya - His Native Soil (1941)
  • Carlos Bulosan - Chorus for America: Six Philippine Poets (1942)

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