What Are The Elements Of Narrative Essay?


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Any kind of narrative essay will tell a story to its reader, and they are normally written in first person from the viewpoint of the writer, although this is not always the case. It is also common for a narrative essay to include the third person for example, the pronouns "he" and "she".

Below is a list and explanation of the characteristics that are typically found in a narrative essay.

• Focus - every narrative essay should be focused on a main idea or plot that can be supported with the rest of the story and explained. This idea is the main argument of the narrative and it should be structured in such as way that places a lot of emphasis on the significance of the main event, person or object.
• Point of view - this area should be dealt with one the writer has selected the focus. As mentioned before, the majority of narrative essay are written using the first person, however third person can be used. You can choose from both points of view if your narrative essay is fictional but if it is non-fiction, then it must be written in the first person.
• Conversations - these usually have to be included because there is a story involved in the narrative essay. Conversations take the story further by expanding the plot, telling readers what is going on, this usually happens in chronological but not always. The setting of the narrative and characters involved are explained, the climax of events, the realization about the main argument of the story and the resolution.
• Element of conflict - a narrative essay should involve some sort of conflict that the protagonist has to recognize and then overcome. This conflict could either be external with another person or it could be an internal problem that the protagonist has to deal with as the story progresses.
• Development of details - including detail in the essay will help to engage the reader in the story, as well as telling the story. These details should be solid and specific to support the main plot and add color to the essay. Detailed descriptions of scenery and situations will help to do this.
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The following are the elements of the narrative essay: Plot, character, setting, climax, and conclusion.
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I think narrative essay gives the writer the opportunity to
share a story.

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There exists the set of necessary narrative essay elements to include. They are: Plot, setting, characters and conflict. There may be more depening on the kind of task you are given. See more at Supreme Essays website as regards structure, main points etc.

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