What Are The Elements Of Narrative?


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There are six distinct elements you must consider when you are writing a narrative. First of all, you need to know what the setting is. This is a major point in the narrative, and it's where the story you are telling takes place. Every scene in the narrative and of course at the very beginning of the narrative, the scene must be set. Every scene has a different setting and you need to use your narrative ability to describe what the characters can see and what is going on around them.

You then need to focus on the character. There needs to be a description of the character in the narrative so that the reader knows what kind of person they are reading about. Naturally you can let the character's personality develop during the story, but there needs to be an initial description.

Then there's the plot. This is the series of events that unfold during your narrative, and you need to develop this so that the reader stays interested.

You need to include some conflict as well. There needs to be some kind of struggle between two opposing forces during your narrative, until you end up coming to the climax. This is the strongest part of your story, or your narrative. This is where all the conflict that has been building in your story eventually builds up to one huge emotional peak, and the reader becomes more interested than ever.

The resolution is the very end of your story. Depending on the kind of story you intend to write the resolution can either be positive or negative, and in most this is where the conflict in the story is finally resolved. For more help, try joining some online writing communities. They can offer you a huge amount of help.

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