What Is The Differentiate Of Each Element And Feature Of A Narrative?


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The basic features of a narrative story are complication, feature and the resolution.

  • The orientation is the beginning of the story and it is there to ring us into the story. It introduces us to the, who, what, where, when, how and why of the story. It basically sets up the story for use to read and gives us the background and the basis of the story. It is essential this is done in a clear way so as to ensure the reader knows what the story is about.

  • The complication is the next part of the story and is where the action takes place. It is called the complication as without an issue to resolve we cannot find a resolution and there would be no story.
The complication involves a problem or problems and the realization of the problem, how the characters go about fixing the problem. It generally ties in with the orientation and characters are developed and changed in this part of the story. It is the big and main part of the story and the draw to read the tale.

  • The resolution is the final part of the story. It is the how things turn out part of the story. It is the part where the author ties up the end of the story and makes it into whatever sort of ending he wants. The resolution can be anything the author wishes it to be. It should however leave the audience feeling the story is over or taking something from the story and allowing them to feel it has reached some sort of end position.
  All of these are necessary for a narrative though they are often played around with, they are essentially the same.

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