What Are The Elements Of Narratives?


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There are a number of elements to a narrative. The first thing to consider is the plot, which is the actual story and is made up of a sequence of events to make that story. Often writers will only have a basic idea of the plot when they begin to write and it develops as the story progresses. Other writers know exactly what is going to happen before they ever put pen to paper or switch on their computers.

Another integral part of a narrative is the setting, which is where the story takes place and also includes the time, or era.

There are not many narratives that do not have at least one character, and good characterization is vital to successfully present the personalities of those within the narrative. The most effective way for this to be done is by the writer showing the reader, rather than telling them (but this is true for much of a narrative). This means that it is the character's words and actions that portray them rather than the writer telling us what they are like.

Atmosphere is another important part of narrative and is instrumental in holding a reader's attention. This is achieved by the writer's choice of words and sentence structure to create the desired effect.

Narratives are more often than not written in either the first or the third person; this is referred to as the point of view, and each has its own advantages. The first person means that the reader is privy to the innermost thoughts, actions and feelings of the protagonist, but it also means that the story is related purely through their eyes and so the narrative can become less than rounded.

There has always got to be a conflict in a narrative otherwise where does the interest lie? This can be a real conflict that demands action, or it can be an internal conflict of one of the characters.

The narrative should be the vessel that carries all these elements along to the conclusion, which can also be called the denouement, when all becomes clear.
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The elements of narratives are characters, background and circumstances, the results.

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